Twin Coast Cycle Trail

The Twin Coast Cycle Rail Trail

Enjoy a relaxing journey through some of New Zealand’s earliest settlements on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail – Pou Herenga Tai.

Recently Completed
The full 85km Trail from Opua in the East to Horeke and the Hokianga in the West is finally completed and open for all to ride! Enjoy a 1, 2 or 3 Day Ride across the width of NZ!!

About the trail
Located in the Far North, this trail is steeped in historical significance of early New Zealand settlement dating from before the land wars. As part of New Zealand’s Cycleway initiative (Nga Haerenga), it is a perfect activity option for those of any age or ability, with mostly easy flat riding through some of the best examples of rural New Zealand it is hard to find anywhere else

The Far North is where New Zealand’s founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi, was signed in 1840. It is also where you’ll find some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery and warmest weather. The trail is generally flat and wide with a smooth surface and only gentle climbs. It includes off-road and on-road riding.

The off-road trail is built on an old rail corridor, making it suitable for riders of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
The Twin Coast Cycle Trail offers a unique experience for riders, traversing rural farm country and passing through a number of small towns as well as many sites of historical and cultural significance. Look out for the hand-carved pou along the route, which reflect the rich culture of this region and provide an artistic feature to this trail.

Trip Options:

1: The Full Trail (One Day): Go like the clappers and knock off the full 85km from Horeke to Opua in one day (West to East). Riding in this direction allows for more downhill (and everyone likes that!). Ideal for those fit people out there. You know who you are! Trips depart Paihia daily

2: A Taste of the Trail (One Day): Explore one of the best parts of the Rail Trail from Opua to Kawakawa and return. A 20km return trip, this is a fantastic and easy family friendly option for all abilities for a half or full day excursion. Follow the old train line following the Kawakawa River crossing train tunnels, and historic stations and bridges. Enjoy a coffee, a bite to eat and see the famous toilets in Kawakawa before returning back to Opua for your shuttle. Trips Depart Paihia daily

3: The Full Trail (Two Day): One of our more popular options. Experience the full beauty of the Rail Trail over 2 days. Ride from Kaikohe to Opua (45km) on the first day, taking in the train tunnel, swing and rail bridges and historic towns. Depart again in Kaikohe for the second day, riding through 44kms of awesome scenery and backcountry to finish down in peaceful Horeke. Trips depart from Paihia with accommodation in Paihia available.

4. The Best Bits! (Two Day). If you are here for a good time, not a long time then this is the one for you! Check out the best sections of the Rail Trail over 2 days. Explore the stunning section from Opua to Kawakawa and return for a fun day’s ride (20km), followed by the ever popular and recently opened section from Okaihau, to Horeke (30km). This last section heads down the valley through farmland and following rivers and incorporating a cool 3km boardwalk before reaching the historic town of Horeke and the mission station. Trips depart from Paihia with accommodation in Paihia available.


(Shuttle transport, accommodation and Bike Hire provided)
(Other Shuttle Options possible with prior arrangement)

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