About Us

Jonny and Georgie Martin

Jonny and Georgie both love the outdoors and are stoked to have moved back up to Jonny’s old stomping grounds of the beautiful Bay of Islands!

After spending a few years living in cold Dunedin at the other end of New Zealand studying at the University of Otago, and spending a year or so traveling around and exploring what some of Asia and the world has to offer, they have realized that one of the most spectacular places was right on their doorstep! We are fortunate enough to live in this untouched part of the world and want to be able to share it with the rest of you…and get some more people out enjoying the outdoors on bikes!

Jonny has spent a fair bit of time on the saddle, after helping set up and market the New Zealand Mountain Bike Tours company (Haka Tours) and guiding MTB and Adventure Tours all around New Zealand, it’s time to stay in one place for a while. Jonny has ridden heaps of the awesome trails around NZ- and he reckons the Waitangi MTB Park is going to be one of the best!! He loves any sort of riding, whether it is in a MTB Park, Rail Trail or even a big back-country mission.

Georgie is the brains on the computer and the design whizz. When she isn’t working elsewhere in hospitality industry, she will be helping out with the website, moral support and pretending she is interested learning how to fix bikes. Georgie is an accomplished hockey player, an ex-adventure racer, and a keen runner. She loves riding the Rail Trails around NZ and is enjoying riding in the Waitangi MTB Park too.

Head Mechanic


John is a top notch bike mechanic that we are lucky to have here in the Bay of Islands. Growing up playing around and racing BMX’s as a kid, he sure knows his way around a bike…and how to shred one. With over 10 years experience working in high end road and mountain bike shops back in the UK, he has become well acquainted with the tools and knows his nipples from his cotter pins and his BB30’s from his PF92’s. He is a professionally certified Cytech and Shimano qualified mechanic so knows what he is doing. Want an incredibly in-depth and correct description on why something works the way it does on a bike?- just ask him and he will know. John came over from England with his girlfriend Mary, ended up in the Bay of Islands and for some reason never left (we’re guessing it’s the bike park…). When not riding, John will be losing his wages worth of tackle off the rocks around Paihia (he calls it ‘fishing’ for some reason?). Occasionally he brings home a nice snapper for dinner though. Weapon of choice: Parktool TNS-4 (Deluxe Threadless Headsed Star Nut Setter). Don’t ask why, “it’s just cool” apparently.

Seasonal Staff (Legends)


Rachel is lucky enough to be the sister of Jonny and keeping the business in the whanau. Does that mean an easier boss or more strict though?? Apart from being a qualified teacher, and previous Woman’s National Team Mountain Bike Champs winner at high school she enjoys ripping down the tracks in the Waitangi MTB Park and helps out over the summer and weekends when she is not teaching and relieving. She also studied down in Dunedin and is super keen on the outdoors: hiking, running, gardening and everything clean and green (recycling anyone?). She is often found driving riders around the start and end of the Twin Coast Cycle Trail, or else shuttling you and your bike up the hill in the Waitangi MTB Park on the Shuttles. She is getting better with the tools and can safely check over the bike and maintain our fleet, but might enjoy using a spatula, whisk and oven more than a brake bleeding kit and front fork seal. Baking is on point though for tasty team lunches!!


Gareth (or The Big G as he refers to himself as) is a regular face around Paihia and as local as local gets. We are lucky to have Gareth on board as one of our superstar drivers. He has lived and worked in Paihia for a number of years in many industries- managing and owning businesses as diverse as Backpacker Accommodation, Eateries and even Beekeeping. A previous driver for Stray New Zealand, Gareth knows his way around a bus and the roads in New Zealand. He will happily inform you about anything you can think of whilst on the road. A friendly chap, he has a wife and couple kids here in the Bay of Islands and has just returned from a 2 year adventure living in Japan with the whanau, exploring a new part of the world. Apart from being an avid cricketer, he is also a keen rider and somehow always manages to borrow our Ebikes for the spin in the park. Onya mate!


Lily is one of our energetic drivers and front of house superstars. A part time surfer and part time medical student, she is a local- growing up in the Bay of Islands but currently ‘studying’ at Otago University in Dunedin. She is enjoying working at Paihia Mountain Bikes this summer and learning the in’s and out’s of everything BIKE. She knows her Northland history and facts so will be full of knowledge when she is shuttling you from A to B on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. Make sure to ask her where the waves are pumping and she will probably see you out there! Surfs Up!