About Us

Jonny and Georgie Martin

Jonny and Georgie both love the outdoors and are stoked to have moved back up to Jonny’s old stomping grounds of the beautiful Bay of Islands!

After spending a few years living in cold Dunedin at the other end of New Zealand studying at the University of Otago, and spending a year or so traveling around and exploring what some of Asia and the world has to offer, they have realized that one of the most spectacular places was right on their doorstep! We are fortunate enough to live in this untouched part of the world and want to be able to share it with the rest of you…and get some more people out enjoying the outdoors on bikes!

Jonny has spent a fair bit of time on the saddle, after helping set up and market the New Zealand Mountain Bike Tours company (Haka Tours) and guiding MTB and Adventure Tours all around New Zealand, it’s time to stay in one place for a while. Jonny has ridden heaps of the awesome trails around NZ- and he reckons the Waitangi MTB Park is going to be one of the best!! He loves any sort of riding, whether it is in a MTB Park, Rail Trail or even a big back-country mission.

Georgie is the brains on the computer and the design whizz. When she isn’t working elsewhere in hospitality industry, she will be helping out with the website, moral support and pretending she is interested learning how to fix bikes. Georgie is an accomplished hockey player, an ex-adventure racer, and a keen runner. She loves riding the Rail Trails around NZ and is enjoying riding in the Waitangi MTB Park too.




Seasonal Staff


Ellie grew up in the Bay of Islands getting involved with anything going and is also stoked to call this beautiful place home. She studied Criminology and Psychology at University in Wellington for a while before also getting the travel bug and taking herself off overseas for a good few years living it up in London and the UK. You name a place in Europe, and no doubt she has been and explored it! She recently succumbed to the call of home and New Zealand (or maybe it was expired working visa?), and joined the team for the summer to now help out fixing bikes, renting bikes and driving buses. A budding policewoman, Ellie is a walking, talking fact-book and encyclopedia so fire away with all your questions about Northland’s history and she will be able to answer them all (or pretend she can anyway).


Igor and Doroteja

Igor and Doroteja are our resident Croatian couple. Every good team needs a friendly, bearded Croatian man, and a talkative and energetic Croatian lass, and we are very lucky to have both. Igor and Doroteja began their worldwide adventure a few years ago and somehow ended up in Thailand for a couple of years living on Phad Thai and teaching English in Bangkok. After spending their dues in South East Asia, they made a beeline for New Zealand with the intention of exploring it all like most travelers- they arrived in Auckland, headed straight to the Bay of Islands to start their trip, but somehow….they have never left??? Igor is becoming an great mechanic and friendly bus driver- he certainly looks the part of a true mountain biker with that beard! Doroteja is the big first friendly grin, and wealth of information you might meet up at the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park, PaihiaMTB HQ or as you disembark your Cruise Ship. She is our number one brochure dropper, cruise ship guide, in-house yoga master and healthy-food-chef. She also loves chatting to people (I think it may actually be one of her hobbies?). Be sure to say ‘bok’ when you meet them (hello in Croatian)



Mike is another one of our talented imports we are lucky to have here over the summer. Fresh from shredding the slopes down in Queenstown as a Ski Patroller on the Remarkables, Mike the Mechanic definitely knows his way around a mountain bike- both fixing them and riding them. Rock Climbing, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Running and any other outdoor sports are his ‘thing’, including one of his favorite pastimes of ‘jumping off high stuff’. On a bike, he can shoot up up and down the hills fast as lightening, and his weapons of choice are a 5mm allen key and pedal spanner. You will often see Mike down at the Waitangi Mountain Bike park talking bike, fitting keen riders to their steed and checking over the fleet to ensure they are always in good nick and safe to ride. You may also see him behind the steering wheel as he gives you a lift out to the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. Since he is from the UK, he may even have some tea and scones waiting for you at the start…