As well as selling our ex-rental mountain mountain bikes, we also sell new bikes.

We are able to access almost all of the most common brands, makes and models of bikes on the market, but we intentionally choose to only offer a small selection of these bikes. The bikes we promote are ones that are reliable, have great geometry, made up of only quality parts and components, as well as being safe and suitable for the type of riding you intend to do. As bike enthusiasts, we look past the marketing hype and recommend bikes that just work and are fairly priced for your budget. If you are after something specific however, please just let us know.

A bike is not just a one-off purchase, like any vehicle it requires constant maintenance to ensure safety and working efficiency. Sometimes, a cheaper bike can often lead to more expensive servicing as the inferior/unsuitable components break easily and must be replaced (not repaired). To offer a cheap initial price, the manufacturers will likely have cut corners in important bike building aspects such as research and development, materials quality control and frame design. A mid-range and above bike from a reputable brand can often have far more reliable components which not only work better but save you hundreds in the long run- this is becoming increasingly more applicable to the Electric Bike Market (see below).

A note about ELECTRIC BIKES: There are a HUGE amount of electric bikes out on the market from many different manufactures and also lot of misinformation about E-bikes. We think they are a fantastic addition to the sport which gets many people of all ages out riding on 2 wheels (and they are of course super fun!!!). We have personally tried and tested a wide array of bikes and motors from many brands and can happily recommend different types of motors and models. We are happy to chat at length on Electric Bikes and why we recommend the ones we do 😊.

We have seen many makes and models of bikes come and go over the years, and brands sway in and out of fashion. There are a lot of options for bikes out there, but we look past the ‘flavour of the month’ to recommend specific models that we know will be safe, reliable and most of all FUN! If we wouldn’t be happy riding it ourselves, we wouldn’t recommend it :).

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