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We stock high quality Full-Suspension and Front Suspension Mountain Bikes, perfect for both the Twin Coast Cycle Rail Trail and the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park, as well as Childrens bikes. We now have E-Bikes too for that extra bit of help!!

Our bikes are ideal for beginners, right through to seasoned mountain bikers…we wouldn’t want you riding anything less!

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Kona Process 2018 and 2019

2018 Kona Process– Perfect full suspension trail bikes for the mountain bike park, complete with Dropper Seat! These bikes have suspension at both the back and the front to make the riding even more comfy and to take the bumps straight out of the trails! These are brand new, modern bikes with up to date geometry and specs to ensure that you can have the maximum amount of fun out there!

2019 Kona Mahuna

2019 Kona Mahuna’s– Our go-everywhere front suspension bikes! Ideal hardtail bikes for the Cycle Trail and Waitangi MTB Park. Comfy bikes with easy to use gears and absolutely bombproof! Nice low frame for easy access and a comfy seet too! The fatter mountain bike tires make the Cycle Trail and Mountain Bike Park a breeze. The larger 29inch tires make riding easier and a lot more fun!

Quality Electric Bike: Need a bit of extra hand out there, or want to try out the new craze of Electric Bikes? We have some quality e-bikes suitable for the Twin Coast Cycle Trail and some top of the line E-Bikes for the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. Don’t settle for cheaper, unreliable e-bikes, give ours a spin and enjoy the ride. Super fun or all ages and abilities

Front Suspension Electric Bike:

2019 Merida eBig Seven/Nine 600

Very comfy for both the cycle trail and mountain bike tracks- it is the ultimate SUV ‘Sports Utility Vehicles’ of electric bikes – defined by comfortable day to day usability while always being ready for some off-road fun. Bombproof to tackle any mountain bike track and perfect for a long day in the saddle on the cycle trail. Nice and upright with a low frame. Powered by the top of the line Shimano e8000 motor.

Full Suspension Electric Bike

2019 Merida eOne Twenty 800

If you long to adventure further and ride longer through varied terrain littered with challenging ups and downs such the Waitangi Mountain Bike Trails, then the eOne Twenty is your ultimate E-Bike steed. Equipped with full suspension, Shimano’s powerful E8000 motor and 500wh battery, the eOne Twenty offers perfect power delivery coupled with its ultra grippy tyres and capped off with some ultra-modern MTB geometry, this bike is built to optimize durability without compromising on agility for the all-day trail rider. Want to have the most fun you can- then swing your leg over one of these!!!

Marin Bayview Trail– Our 24 inch Kids bikes are top of the line, complete with disc brakes and front suspension!

Marin Hidden Canyon– Our 20 inch Childrens bikes in bright green are are perfect for all uses

Waitangi Mountain Bike Park Prices:

Front Suspension: $59/half day, $79/full day

Full Suspension: $79/half day, $99/full day

Electric Bike: $50 upgrade on normal hire (Full or Front Suspension)

Every bike hire comes with:
-Park Entry (Waitangi MTB Park)
-Trail Advice
-Bottle Cage/Pump/Spare tools and tube
-Optional Gel Seat