At Paihia Mountain Bikes, we are extremely lucky to have the beautiful Bay of Islands as our backdrop. It’s a breath-taking place to work and we want to keep it that way for decades to come. That’s why we are committed to protecting the environment we operate out of for many more bikers to come.

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As a tourism operator we are part of Tourism New Zealand’s sustainability commitment to the Tiaki Promise. The Tiaki Promise is the commitment to care for Aotearoa, for now and for future generations. We are choosing play our part as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

Spreading The Stoke About Bike Riding

The more people we get out on bikes, the more people we have the opportunity to reignite the passion for bike riding – particularly any adults who haven't cycled in decades. Bike Riding uses minimal fossil fuels and is a pollution-free mode of transport, so the more people that get back into the love of riding, and commuting around the Bay of Islands, the better, right? That is why our mission statement is to “get more bums on bikes”. 

Bike Cleaning

Every day, especially in the winter months, we find ourselves needing to give our bikes a good clean after they've been out on rentals. Our lovely neighbour is the ocean, and we want to make sure we are being good neighbours. We don't want to risk polluting the water or harming the critters that call it home. So, we've decided to skip the fancy cleaning products. All we use is that trusty water, a sponge for a good scrub, and a microfiber cloth for a final polish. It keeps things simple, eco-friendly, and our gear squeaky clean.

Waste Management & Recycling

Here at Paihia MTB's, our goal is to minimise waste and make recycling a priority. We ensure that all cardboard and packaging materials are recycled, and we consistently encourage our suppliers to enhance their packaging practices and lessen their environmental footprint.

Recycling Tyres and Tubes

When bikes roll into our workshop for service or repair, our Workshop Team is always on the lookout for ways to cut down on waste. Those punctured tubes that just can't be patched up anymore? There are some local crafty ladies, who collect them and then work their magic and to turn these tubes into stylish earrings.

When it comes to tyres, we are all about giving them a second lease on life. Mountain biking demands some serious tread on those tyres, as when that tread starts wearing down, riders risk slipping and sliding on the trails.  However, even when tyres do not have enough tread for mud and clay, they are still perfect for riding around town and learning how to pull skids. Therefore, when tyres are no longer appropriate for the Mountain Bike tracks, but are still safe (no rips or tears), they are put in a free tyre area at the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park, for riders to take home.

Like-Minded Suppliers….

Inside our Retail Store, we're on a mission to team up with like-minded New Zealand companies who share our passion for sustainability. Our goal? To offer products proudly sourced from across New Zealand, packaged in an eco-friendly way, or crafted with natural ingredients like Biomaxa (Bike Lube Suppliers). We're all about supporting local and planet-friendly choices.

Paihia Mountain Bikes
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Giving Back To The Community

Paihia Mountain Bikes believes very strongly in supporting and giving back to our community. Some of the ways we give back to the community include donating prize or bike sponsorships, especially when they are causes encouraging our locals to get outdoors and improve their wellbeing. Here are a few we have contributed to recently:

·      Bay of Islands Ocean Swim

·      Bay of Islands Run/Walk Festival

·      Paihia Tennis Club Fundraiser to reseal courts and build a practice wall

·      Queenstown Resort College Fundraiser

·      Paihia Fire Brigade Fundraiser

·      Sponsor Bikes for the Outfit North 6 Week Challenge 

·      Providing Bike Parts for the Ngawha Prison Bike Building Scheme

·      Collecting Day Donations from Riders coming to the Waitangi MTB Park, on behalf of the Focus Paihia Community Trust

Paihia Mountain Bikes

Sponsored Rider Program

We are stoked to introduce you to one of our local shredders who we are proud to be sponsoring this season.

Lukas has been working with us at Paihia Mountain Bikes over the last couple of years and is getting quite competent in our workshop as a bike mechanic, as well as always being positive and friendly when renting bikes to customers from all over the world. He is also a qualified Mountain Bike Coach and Guide - cool aye!

He's right in the middle of his high school racing and is looking to continue to do a few events this year including the NZ School Nationals in Blenheim, and other Enduro and XC races around the country. He loves a good 'shreddit' on the social pipes but is refreshingly humble when you hit him up about how he smashed out a massive gap jump or a hidden line you never knew was there.

Lukas has proven himself to be a great advocate for Paihia Mountain Bikes, sharing the froth with anyone he meets at the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. Due to him already being such a great ambassador and eyeing up those podiums, it was a no-brainer to get behind sponsoring him this race season.

Lukas will be riding a Marin Alpine Trail XR for the year. These bikes are totally awesome- the 'XR' stands for Extra Rad!! They are Enduro Weapons and built tough enough to do battle with optimistic 17 year old lads. He's no shorty, but still makes the XL frame seem like a kids bike when whipping and manualing the dual 29rs through the pump track.

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Paihia Mountain Bikes

Each and every one of our team love, respect and admire the incredible landscape which is so historic to Aotearoa, which is why each and every one of our team is committed to protecting it. We know we are not perfect, so we encourage feedback, and collaboration, It's through these open channels that we can evolve and continue refining our practices. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we're all ears!